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Man and Animal

     This was Thorn's last sculpture and it seems to be a culmination of many apects of his striving as an artist.


     In this sculpture he presents the threefold human being-the bird representing the power of thought, the lion in the heart realm giving us courage, the cow or bull giving strength of will to act. The three animals seem to be part of the human being - the bull giving strength for good deeds, the lion giving balance and a brave heart, the bird giving wings to our thoughts, so we can discover the wisdom of the world.


     This sculpture was created for the New York City Rudolf Steiner School, and was intended to be carved in wood. In 1999 Thorn finished the clay model and started carving it out of a huge block of laminated oak. When in the spring of 2000 he became too ill to work, he was desparate to find a way to finish this sculpture. Finally he helped to make plans for casting the model in bronze, which was achieved a few months after his death. Thankfully his son Lukas (also a sculptor) was able to prepare the original clay model for casting and oversee the completion of the bronze, everything that Thorn would normally have done.


     When the bronze was finished it was moved to its permanent home at the school in New York City, where it is standing in an arched niche in the front stairwell in the Lower School.

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