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     This sculpture sits at the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School. The following are from remarks made by Pamela Giles at its unveiling to the students:


     "An artist begins with an idea, just the way you think of an idea as you hold a pencil, crayon, piece of clay, beeswax or wood in your hand. As an artist you have to find the right materials and tools to bring your ideas, your gifts into the world."


     "Thorn's idea was the gift that each student brings to this school through his or her individuality. Through movement and form Thorn Zay created this idea in a sculpture. As we walk by the sculpture each day we will find much to notice. The sculpture itself is made of bronze, a metal alloy of zinc, silicon and copper. It is polished to a shining patina that catches the sun's light and the frost's crystals. Looking up at it you will see the roundness of the dome, an echo of the arch of heaven that stands above it. It is from the heavens that we have descended with our gifts. Moving through the present into the future, we can learn to make use of them. We carry a gift as a bud in our hands, as a gesture we can unfold. In the uprightness of our being we can walk courageously into the future and bring our individuality into the world."


The Gift

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