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Thorn taught his students to carve frames, spoons, bowls, boats, candleholders and more. Here you can see examples of these kinds of projects that Thorn carved himself.

     "Thorn Zay as a teacher will never be forgotten by his students. And there are hundreds of us whose favorite class was in the woodworking shop where Mr. Zay would be waiting with a gentle smile and a warm kindness. But he also had an organized and firm plan of how to rasp, carve, sand and oil our projects. The respect for the tools, tables and types of wood were only a small part of what we learned from him. The greatest lesson was how Mr. Zay guided us in putting our will forces to work on our projects so that they were beautifully and carefully finished. Many a student who came to Mr. Zay for help just loved to have him point to "one little spot here" that really needs "a little more sanding!"


     "Our woodworking projects made with Thorn have permanent places in our homes. Sometimes two generations of his inspired spoons and forks are ready for each bowl of salad at the dinner table. Many wooden boats have sailed in ponds and bathtubs, and taught us about balance and the wonderful relationship of wood and water. The candle holders, pencil trays and picture frames with their wonderful choices of art are all a tribute to Thorn. When we look upon them we will never forget the gift we have received."




David Livingston

'71 Rudolf Steiner School, NYC

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