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Form in Wood

      This was carved from a piece of ash wood from a tree which stood outside of Thorn's studio. The carving is eighteen inches tall.


     Thorn took the idea of a "twice bent surface" and used it as a starting point. The following are thoughts he wrote upon completing this sculpture:


     "As soon as I started working with a living surface which was "twice bent", I found myself dealing with a polarity which threatened either to become two separate forms, or for one pole to dominate and overcome the other. To avoid this and keep alive a "twice bent surface" I had to bring about balance. After working with that for a while it became apparent that the element of balance is really a third active force, and the form becomes a three fold being instead of a two fold one.


     So one can't say the sculpture is a "twice bent surface", but perhaps the result of working with the "twice bent surface."

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