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Finding the Balance


     This bronze of Thorn’s is composed of two pieces, one curving downward, one ascending – two gestures, or beings.  Set a few inches apart they define a large, open space which only tenuously connects their discrete forms.  As they are moved closer together the space between them becomes more complex, the relationship more intimate. A curve that begins in one piece is completed in the other.  The most subtle planes of the pieces come into play; a very small rotation of one piece may create infinitely more depth.  The glyphic text that is the surface of the bronze begins to emerge.

     The relationship between sculptor, sculpture and viewer also becomes more involved, dance-like, as only the viewer can finally choreograph the piece, with its measures of sound and silence, its innumerable readings.  One might even experience oneself as the vertical element of the piece, moving in the space defined by two other beings.  This is a sculpture that teaches one how to slow down and see. Moving, losing one’s balance, finding the measure of something known inwardly, something true.

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